2017 Porsche 960 Price

Sunday, April 12th 2015. Porsche

2017 Porsche 9602017 Porsche 960 is prepared to come out with mid-engine feature to make it bigger but more powerful. The design is quite stylish with some features as well as innovative technology to make it as one of the leaders in sport car segment. We glad to know that the company takes this car as a serious project to build with less weak points. It means that the car will be a strong rival for other sport cars. We should admit that 2017 Porsche 960 is ready to come out as a world-class car with modern and wonderful design. The high technology system is all that we expect to see. Well, we have collected some rumors and speculations about this new edition through some unofficial reports.

2017 Porsche 960 Engine and Specs

To ensure the performance and functionality of this new version, it is not surprising if it will be equipped with turbocharged engine to produce about 600 horsepower for all-wheel drive system. The flat-six is built with aggressive performance as well as the seven-speed dual-clutch auto transmission to offer for 2017 Porsche 960. With the amazing features and performance, the interior and exterior design is still recognizable because the current model is still acceptable to cover the huge demand. We expect that the improvements for both features and performance could be the weapon to make all users comfortable riding or driving it. The exterior is built with great design that would be helpful to keep its dominance and existence.

2017 Porsche 960 Fuel Economy

The estimated fuel economy in this great sport car should be impressive because people are expecting to find it out with more than 60 miles per gallon. In another word, it should be featured with high fuel economy. That will be the target for the company to make 2017 Porsche 960 as the leaders on the global market especially in its segment and this is the point that all strong rivals should worry about this upcoming version.

2017 Porsche 960 Price and Release Date

It is rumored that the car will be introduced soon at the middle of 2016 or at the early of 2017 with no specific data. The price tag for 2017 Porsche 960 could be about $200k that is quite affordable with those features and specifications. It is hard to deny that this car is the perfect option to make people satisfy finding sport car with elegant and innovative design.

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