2017 Scion xB Redesign and Price

Wednesday, August 5th 2015. Scion

2017 Scion xBScions before has big concern to expand their business by producing compact sport sedan and now they are under big rumor about developing a hatchback that will be the new 2017 Scion xB. For North American market, Scion has special place for the fans and this car is one of the most iconic products from Scion.

2017 xB as the popular variant with great reputation on the market give no choice at all for Scion to release it with something new to offer. They will support it with several refreshments so that the car is up to date to deal with some strong rivals on its class.

2017 Scion xB Redesign


With the retained engine from the previous model, we glad to know that some possible changes are available around the outer part of the car. Although the revisions might be in minor ways, we glad that the company has something special to make it much more different than the predecessor. The styling is still recognizable because it will keep the traditional boxy bodywork. The car is much more modern than before with the new LED headlights and the redesigned front bumper. Reports also mentioned that there will be new color options in order to give more options for buyers especially with different needs to anticipate 2017 Scion xB.


Unlike the exterior part that is quite easy to get known, the changes around the cabin design is still hard to reveal. There is no picture at all that could show the changes inside. Rumors only reported that the styling and design language will not be too far from the predecessor. With the presence of boxy bodywork, of course 2017 Scion xB could offer you more spacious cabin inside.


At the time of writing this information, we found a big sign that Scion might offer this latest edition with the new engine. On the other hands, all rumors circulating on this car mentioned that there will be no new engine provided by Scion to support 2017 Scion xB. In a short saying, Rumors claimed that the car will carry over the current DOHC 2.4 liter and four-cylinder engine as the best option to produce the amount of output for around 158 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque.

Release Date and Price

2017 Scion xB has not been informed yet by the official for its release date. It is estimated to come out soon in 2016 with the price tag that could be started about $20.400. 

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