2017 Silverado HD 1500 and 2500 Get Diesel Engine

Thursday, March 12th 2015. Chevrolet

New Silverado Front2017 Silverado will be designed as a pickup car that is built by Chevrolet with a new 10-speed transmission. It is stated by a lot of sources that this transmission is still under the development that will provide you a great engine performance including the diesel motor. It seems that the company will also support this 2017 Silverado with some changes around the engine performance.

2017 Silverado Body Material

We have heard about the big plan that there will be aluminum sheets added for 2017 Silverado. It seems that it will be from Alcoa and also Novelis. This sheet is also used for the material body of this new generation. It is the best way for the company to cover the huge demand about the aluminum body on the market.

2017 Silverado with this significant material will give lightweight body that even lighter from the current model. This aluminum body design is also possible to support the car with smooth look. Moreover, with the less weight, the car will improve its velocity.

New Silverado Powertrain

It is still unknown when the company will release this new version but it seems that the car would not come before the second-large portion of 2018. At this time, we are waiting about the development of 8-speed auto transmission that is quite promising to complete 2017 Silverado. It is also possible if the company offers diesel and turbo engine. The 10-speed transmission likely will be offered at the beginning of 2017. It is not surprising if later with this transmission, the car will have much better performance compared to the previous model.

Silverado Enhanced Plan

It is hard to deny about the possibility that General Motors could give something special around this pickup model. They need to give something best for this new version in order to have a tight competition with some strong rivals. It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will start doing the redesign concept one year later after they have released 2017 Silverado. It does not mean that this car will give nothing for buyers to attract them. Still, the company will support it with some enhancements especially for the materials that will help the car to have better performance than the predecessor. There is a big indication that this new version will go with flawless engine specification among all categories including the stylish design and the great engine performance through its elegant design.

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