2017 WRX STI Sedan

Saturday, August 15th 2015. Subaru

2017 WRX STI SideBesides concerning on their market position, Subaru also would like to keep their reputation by working on 2017 WRX STI. Its predecessor is quite popular as the compact sport sedan. It is one of the most anticipated cars from Subaru. With the more advanced competition, Subaru would like to keep their presence on the market by refreshing this model.

2017 WRX STI is known-well for the car enthusiasts. It was produced since long time ago and the STI variant is one of the most popular cars from Subaru. With this great potency, some improvements are possible to offer.

2017 WRX STI Engine

Although some improvements are possible to come out around this latest edition, it is still hard to know more whether the engine details will be improved or not. It is only reported by many unofficial sites about the rumors that this car might go with the improved engine type to give more powerful output in 2017 WRX STI. This new version might replace the current 2.0 liter with the turbocharged engine and 2.5 liter to produce high output for buyers.

One thing that might make you disappointed is that the improved engine will not be supported with the improvement for the styling of its bodywork. It seems that there is a strong sign if Subaru will let the same look for its styling. In a short saying, the 2017 WRX STI is still recognizable as the predecessor with the simple and sporty design.

Besides no major changes to offer in outer part, there are also no radical improvements available inside the cabin. When you enter the car, the cabin design especially for its styling is not too far from the previous model. It is still a car with sporty and simple nuance. We have strong feeling that Subaru will do other action to attract buyers. Therefore, it is not something too much if we expect that the technology and features will be upgraded in 2017 WRX STI.

2017 WRX STI Release Date

We found no declaration yet given by Subaru at the time of writing this report. What we could serve to you on the table is still based on rumor. It is predicted that the car will be ready on dealership sometime in 2016 with the price tag that is estimated about $35,000. In order to know whether all information about this car is true, we should wait the official announcement that might be held few months ahead.

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