2018 Ford Fusion Rumors, News, Specs

Sunday, March 6th 2016. Ford

New Ford Fusion Front AngleThere will be some upgrades you can find out if you want to anticipate the new 2018 Ford Fusion. Its specifications will be improved since it is one of the best mid-size sedans in its class. This car is presented by Ford with some advantages that are ready to impress you.

2018 Fusion has better performance, design and compatibility. In order to increase the customer loyalty and satisfaction, Ford will add it with new driving technology. Besides, there will be more hybrids and eco-friendly models to launch. Ford will also give updates around its applications.

2018 Ford Fusion Exterior

It has great stability even in high speed. Special alloy metal is used to strengthen its body frame and its headlamp is designed to support driver in any terrains. The main highlight will be around the front design. This sport car has mid-size sedan body cover with its great looking and the special wheels for accidental breaking prevention. There are two options for its transmission which can be five-speed or six-speed auto speeds so you can choose. Even you can go with four-wheel or all-wheel drive based on your needs for 2018 Ford Fusion.

 2018 Ford Fusion Interior

The cabin will be completed with the top safety features. It is important to admit that Ford is the best when it comes to the safety system. Besides, the interior will show you about the new technology. It has smart panel with elegant driving cabin design. 2018 Ford Fusion is designed to support four passengers and each of them will get high grade safety features. For hybrid type, driver can choose the right engine mode through simple touch screen. All panels and applications inside the car have been tested by the company so that they work well. It has high quality material for its seats case, Wi-Fi system and other interesting features.

2018 Ford Fusion Engine

We glad to hear that the company will use a new engine for 2018 Ford Fusion. It means that they might be working with hybrid model which shows the combination of battery and fuel for its power source. For gasoline model, it has 2.5 liter of capacity with four-cylinder and several transmission options. It is capable to generate the amount of output for more than 175 hp. With the demand of less engine capacity, Ford is quite promising to offer four-cylinder and 1.5 liter. About the sports type, it can go with V6 engine and 3.5 liter of capacity to generate more than 265 hp.

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