2018 Mustang GT News and Rumors

Monday, February 22nd 2016. Ford

2018 Mustang GTIn order to be another powerful muscle car, 2018 Mustang should start its competition on the market. It should create a big hit in the market with a lot of new interesting details. The company mentioned that it will be featured with high technology and the engine execution will be enhanced for its performance. Besides, they will do their best attempt to redesign its outer and inner part of 2018 Mustang. With the improved engine department, it will make it as one of the most wanted cars in the future. Although its handling is not quite impressive, people are still expecting that the company will make it much better than before.

2018 Mustang Exterior

2018 Mustang for its outer part will be one of its most interesting parts. The car will be improved to give much more appealing design so that it is ready with the stylish design. It has more gorgeous look with the new tail light graphic as well as grille in hexagonal design that is basically inspired from Aston Martin design. With those improvements around the design, it has new look to make it totally fabulous.

2018 Mustang Interior

Inside, the car is improved with new material design started from the fabric and leather combination. It has higher level of quality materials based on the trim level that you choose. The new interior of 2018 Mustang will be introduced with new flat top dashboard and soft touch surface. In addition, the new infotainment system will be improved with the presence of 4.2 inches of screen monitor.

2018 Mustang Engine

Speaking about Ford Mustang, it means it is a must to talk about the engine department. It is an extremely powerful car with the more powerful engine. It can be with the new 2.5 liter and four-cylinder engine. Another fuel capacity is 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter. Each of the engines is supported with Boost engine system as the solution to maximize its performance and that is the basic reason for why you should anticipate 2018 Mustang.

 2018 Mustang Release Date and Price

The company doesn’t reveal the release date and price for this car yet but many unofficial reports mentioned that it should be ready in 2017 as the fastest time. The price tag is still unknown but it should not be too far from the previous model. With the minimal information that we got unofficially, we still recommend you to wait the official announcement of 2018 Mustang.

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