2018 Silverado HD

Saturday, February 27th 2016. Chevrolet

2018 SilveradoIf you are the fans of Chevy’s car and you expect to see some new features or improvements around their cars, we recommend you to anticipate the new 2018 Silverado. Based on some unofficial sites, the car will be completed with improved engine, cabin and bodywork. We have some information available if you want to know more about its specifications but it is important to note that the company does not give any confirmation yet for 2018 Silverado.

 2018 Silverado Exterior

Based on the concept, the bodywork will be improved. The latest reports mentioned that the exterior design will be much better with its surprisingly unique and aerodynamics design. It makes the new 2018 Silverado has much more interesting as well as stylish body design. Its iconic bulky design will be mated with stylish look and aerodynamic performance to support its engine execution.

2018 Silverado Interior

You can go inside and check some significant changes around the cabin. For example, it will be unveiled with the look around the cockpit. It has new dashboard design with more minimalistic. The detail is smooth. In addition, it has redesigned steering wheel design that will make the cockpit even cooler than ever. It is very stylish and there will be several new system to introduce including infotainment and assistance system in 2018 Silverado.

2018 Silverado Engine

The engine will be improved as its plan and we are pretty sure that it will be hard to avoid this change. It must come out with the changes around the engine because 2018 Silverado will enter the new age to generate much more powerful engine in some conditions. We expect and predict that the engine will be V8 and 6.6 liter of capacity. It will be supported with Duramax engine. Rumors mentioned that this engine can be featured with six-speed transmission system to support its high performance. We also have a strong feeling that there will be some engine options to offer especially for the higher trims.

2018 Silverado Release Date and Price

For your information, the price has not been released yet by the company. That is the mysterious part of this car. We expect that the base model will be offered at a cost $30,000. It is important for this car to be released on 2018. Since the competition on this segment is quite tight in the future, Chevrolet should make it immediately to step forward.

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