2018 Toyota Avalon Redesign Info, Specs, Release Date

Tuesday, March 1st 2016. Toyota

New Toyota AvalonFor future sedan market, Toyota has 2018 Toyota Avalon as their strong weapon. It will get mix reviews with some changes that Toyota will plan to add. The changes are still debatable. You might love it, or disappointed to see it.

2018 Avalon is expected to be a popular sedan in future market. First, you will love its better maneuverability that Toyota is going to improve. Besides, it will improve the driver experience. Other changes are around its bodywork to make it much more interesting than ever.

2018 Toyota Avalon Exterior

For its exterior, Toyota will make it a bit sleeker than before as its significant changes. The weight will be reduced to give better performance as well as more efficient fuel consumption. The bad part for some people is about its light steering wheel which only makes 2018 Toyota Avalon has more sensitive handling than before. For others, it can be a good thing because the strong point is still about its amazing exterior design.

2018 Toyota Avalon Interior

For the cabin side, we still get little information available. Toyota wants to make the cabin design to be much better than before in order to give you high level of satisfaction. To achieve this goal, they will support 2018 Toyota Avalon with spacious luggage because it is larger than before so that it allows you to put more stuffs inside. In addition, the interior has sleek design especially for its dashboard which is wrapped with cool leather. The touch screen is still smaller than the rivals but it does not a big deal for some fans.

2018 Toyota Avalon Engine

Speaking about the engine, it is important to note that we found no exact information yet. Toyota will not share anything right now. We only found some issues mentioned that it will be powered with V6 engine and also 3.5 liter of capacity to generate enough output. It is also mentioned by rumors that Toyota will support it with smoother driving system to complete its efficient fuel economy for 2018 Toyota Avalon. Since Toyota has a big concern on its fuel consumption, it can be about 24 mpg in city and 31 mpg on highway. If it comes to be true, it will be a great sedan.

2018 Toyota Avalon Release Date and Price

2018 Toyota Avalon has not been mentioned by Toyota especially for its exact launch and price. It can be one of inexpensive sedan in future market and we think that the price tag can go about $37,000.

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