All New 2016 Kia Rio Changes and Release Date

Tuesday, December 16th 2014. Kia

2016 Kia Rio2016 Kia Rio will be for them to release next year. The new model will be built up from the popular secondary car, despite the fact that there are many sources claim that the 2016 model will be a large-scale re-design. Unfortunately, this will not happen this time, so we have to wait a little more full of change. However, this is not bad news at all. Kia Rio is a car that is very good as it is, with modern and contemporary exterior, the cabin is more than well equipped to generate decent power. 2016 model some aspects have improved, but do not expect anything drastic. Reload that Rio 2016 will suffer still keeps as a secret, so we’re not sure of the exact details and proportions of her. Despite this fact, there are some things you can say it’s definitely going to change; there are also many rumors of semi-reliable. Certainly, the changes may have taken place outside, such as a new car will have a re-design of the front end. In addition, there may be some internal changes and promotions, while the Powertrain should remain more or less unchanged, but we believe that it will suffer some of the improvements, which will help Rio remain relevant and attractive to buyers in the future, as competition increases harder and tougher.

2016 Kia Rio Exterior

New Kia Rio 2016 will have an external amended. The new model has a new front end redesigned, while the shape and dimensions must remain the same. There must be some other style changes that will make the car look more modern and dominant, although we do not expect changes to deviate from the current design language. It is common to see new and interesting details on models that do not represent a serious re-design, or just be a mild improvement, and this is a way to keep customers interested. So, naturally we expect the Kia do the same and improve Exterior Rio in 2016 to create the appearance of offering something new. In addition, Rio will remain on both the sedan and hatchback versions. It will be offered in three trim levels: LX, EX and SX. As for the interior, and the current Kia Rio is equipped so that we see there is no way to fix it without going out of the budget for part of the buyer or the market. However, there may be some cosmetic improvements, and perhaps some new interior colors, etc. All in all, we believe that this new model will remain innovative and attractive look to recognize that we are all used to Oanh will offer all the amenities, entertainment and security that may be necessary.

2016 Kia Rio Powertrain

2016 Kia Rio Powertrain may continue today. There are some changes to increase the power output and a number of performance tuning, but all of them are still uncertain. Rio 2016 must use 1.6-liter inline-four engine that produces 138 horsepower and 123 pound-feet of torque. These numbers go up, but if they do not, this is a decent offer for a car its size and class. In addition, there are rumors about the possibility of improving the handling and steering and suspension, which is based on the right, makes a big difference. We have to keep our fingers crossed. As for the transfer which will be a six-speed manual transmission standard, while the SX and EX trims will be offered six-speed automatic optional tray speeds also. There may be some changes in this area as well, but as we say, all this is just speculation.

2016 Kia Rio Release Date

2016 Kia Rio will be for them to release next year. Because there is very little information about the design and size, it is premature to estimate the price of the new model. On the other hand, because this form of accumulation, given the fact that the competition is getting very hard for it, we do not expect the new model to cost much more than the current model of 2016 Kia Rio.

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