All New 2016 Mercedes GLK Class

Friday, March 6th 2015. Mercedes-Benz

2016 Mercedes GLK Front View2016 Mercedes GLK will be the second generation that could be launched soon. We have heard about some reports said that the time for Mercedes-Benz crossover to get redesign concept is almost done. It is mentioned that this car will be the high class crossover that is using the C-Class architecture. In addition, 2016 GLK will get a lot of changes especially around the exterior because the support of new platform. The advanced technology is enough to help the car has better fuel economy than the previous model.

2016 Mercedes GLK Specs


There is a big expectation that the car will be available with completely different bodywork from the previous model. By adding some little lines, this car will not coming out with its boxy look. Moreover, the new platform is helpful to give larger dimension in this new version from the predecessor. At the rear part, the car has sloped roof. The rounded edge will make it more spacious to give more comfort for passengers inside 2016 Mercedes GLK. It is not surprising if this car could be the strong rivals for Audi Q5 and also BMW X3. Other rumors mentioned that the car will go with two trim levels especially for SUV but it is still unknown.


When it comes to the cabin, you could find out the center stack that will help you to handle all control features including the technical infotainment system and also modern interface. This center console is placed at drive’s close range for easier control. There is also control knob in 2016 Mercedes GLK with a new touch screen. For the infotainment features, you could enjoy modern synchronization features so that you do not have to use cell phone because all messages and alerts could be displayed on screen. This screen is also able to recognize hand gesture with the hand written images through GPS system support. It sounds interesting when the company will give maximum security by adding contact saving features for emergency. The air passages on the dashboard are redesigned to enhance the air flow.


2016 Mercedes GLK is supported with both diesel and also gasoline engines. The EPA fuel economy surely will not be the same as the past. The gas engine has turbocharged inline four 2.0 liter to produce 235 horsepower. Another gas engine is V6 twin Turbo unit 3.0 liter to produce 330 horsepower. For diesel engine, it should be turbocharged BlueTec unit 2.1 liter. Other gossips mentioned that there will be V8 AMG engine and hybrid power train. The transmission could be seven-speed or nine-speed automatic.

2016 Mercedes GLK Release Date and Price

2016 Mercedes GLK looks like will be available at motor show even in 2015 and it is predicted that the base cost will be about $40,000.

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