All New Toyota HiAce 2015 Review and Price

Sunday, February 8th 2015. Toyota

Toyota HiAce 2015Toyota HiAce 2015 is categorized as a popular car that is coming back as the second generation. The car is quite unique with high quality material to support its new cabin, bodywork and of course the performance. It looks a very iconic car with the boxy design that could be helpful for you who want to use it to run your business. HiAce 2015 is basically presented with large cargo so you could put all goods inside even for more than 48 liter. Its large cargo is supported with good engine specification. In short, the car has fast speed with its strong body to support the cargo capacity.

Interior and Exterior Design

All New Toyota HiAce 2015 is designed for you who want to run your business easily so you could put all goods in the cargo. The car is designed with three doors. The two doors are designed for the front side while the other one is for the back side. It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will complete Toyota HiAce 2015 with LED headlamps and the bumper is only one. The wheelbase has the size about 18 inches that is made of steel. When it comes to the cabin, you could find out two seats and it works to support more than two people.

Engine and Performance

Toyota HiAce 2015 as an MPV will be supported with four-cylinder 3.0 liter in order to produce the output for more than 149 horsepower and the torque goes about 241 lb-ft of power. As a result, the car has fuel economy for about 11.6 in the city and 7.8 in the highway. This engine also helpful to make the car could reach about 100 mph as its top speed. It needs 14 seconds in order to reach 60 mph as its acceleration. For the transmission, it is completed with five-speed auto transmission. We also have heard the rumors that the company will support it with diesel engine 3.2 liter to generate 167 horsepower and 122 mph will be the top speed.

The Release date and price of Toyota HiAce 2015

Toyota Hiace 2015 is predicted to be released on the beginning of November, 2014 but we heard nothing. The price tag goes about $32,900 for LWB while SLWB has $40,990. The last is commuter bus design with $53,490. There will be three colors of bodywork to offer such as gray, black and white.

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