Buick Grand National GNX 2015 Price and Specs

Wednesday, January 28th 2015. Buick

Buick Grand National GNX 2015Buick Grand National GNX 2015 is ready to come out with its characteristic as a muscle car. Well, it is not a supercar but there will be some interesting especially for its features. It is reported that the car will go with powerful engine too. Because the demand of great technology at this time, it is not surprising that Buick Grand National GNX 2015 will get smoother and better driving experience. Once the car has been launched in the market, you could see the recognizable design language from its outside to its inside.

Buick Grand National GNX 2015 Specs

Buick Grand National Engine

Buick Grand National GNX 2015 is mentioned to get elegant design with the impressive blend of high quality material and technology. The company will give three engine options. First, it has four-cylinder 2.liter turbocharged engine that could generate the output for about 272 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. The second engine is V6 3.6 liter to produce 320 horsepower and 274 lb-ft of torque while the last is 3.6 liter that is specially designed for GNX model. With fuel injection system, you have no worry at all to deal with running out of fuel and the car has smoother ride than before. We glad to know that the company has big attention to give appreciable features inside.

Other cool features you could enjoy around Buick Grand National GNX 2015 are cameras, navigation system, comfortable seats, parking sensor, top quality materials and much more to make it quite charming compared to the previous model. Of course the design is quite modern with the advanced technology to make it as a powerful car. It is no doubt that the company will offer the car with higher price tag compared to the previous model of Buick Grand National GNX 2015.

Buick Grand National GNX 2015 Price and Release Date

Buick Grand National GNX 2015 is expected with the price tag that is more than $30,000. Based on some rumors, the car could be launched in the last second half of this year but it still has not informed by the official. What we could do at this time is only waiting the official confirmation. If this rumored price tag is true, it means that the car is quite reasonable to purchase. It offers a lot of engine options that could cover different demands in the market and of course, it is no regret at all to wait its arrival instead of purchasing the current model.

Buick Grand National 2015 Image Gallery

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