Mercedes GLC 2016 Release Date and Price

Saturday, May 2nd 2015. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes GLC 2016 Front AngleAnother car with the leaked photographs spreading around the media is Mercedes GLC 2016. It is mentioned that the car has better look compared to the previous model. Based on the pictures, the car has some updates for the exterior which is more than the predecessor. It could be because the car needs to deal with some strong rivals including Audi Q5.

Basically GLC is the newcomer for the Mercedes family but there will be a lot of modifications. The 2016 GLC also gets the concept of C-class including its features, performance and also materials while the engine will be a bit similar to the previous model. This car is redesigned in order to attract buyers especially for Chinese market.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Redesign Exterior and Interior

Speaking about the cabin, Mercedes GLC 2016 will be built with luxurious design. The D-shape for its body is presented with the similar design as its C-class model. The company is quite promising to grab some style elements from the S class too. This way will be the great solution for people who would like to see the combination of C-class and S-class design in this car. It sounds interesting that the car will get steering wheel, instruments, seats and switch gear that are redesigned based on the latest style from Mercedes.

Mercedes GLC 2016 as the new car will also get some radical improvements. If you could find out some updates for the whole bodywork, the company also offers its cabin with modern and high-quality materials. The design is a bit like C-class but it is completed with strong raked screen angles. It is built with five doors and it has sportier design to compete the BMW X4. With its new look, the car is called as the junior cousin of M-class coupe and its big cabin will support five people. It is a bit similar as C-class with the swoopy design and multimedia monitor.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Engine Specs

This new Mercedes GLC 2016 is possible to go with bigger wheelbase for its wider tracks. It is mentioned that the engine to support its performance will be the same as AMG-GT and C63 AMG that is V8 petrol engine 4.0 liter and the alternative is four-cylinder V6 petrol or diesel engine from the C-class. For the turbo charged diesel and also petrol engine, it goes with seven-speed or nine-speed auto gearbox but buyers could choose extra services including four-wheel or rear-driven service.

Mercedes GLC 2016 Price and Release Date

Mercedes GLC 2016 should be released at the middle of 2016 with the expected price tag a bit more than the previous model.

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