New 2015 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Release Date

Tuesday, January 20th 2015. Chevrolet

2015 Chevy Monte Carlo SS2015 Chevy Monte Carlo is basically a well-known car that is produced by Chevrolet. This automaker has proven the world including the rivals that they could amaze people with their sport cars that could battle with Camaro sports car such as Monte Carlo. It is reported that the company will plan to produce 2015 Monte Carlo as the latest edition for future market. We have heard that the company offers this new car with lot of improvements in order to satisfy the customers. Some new features are strongly indicated to complete this version.

The Latest Infotainment About 2015 Chevy Monte Carlo

New Chevy Monte Carlo 2015 will be one of the most awaited cars since it is coming out with some improvements to cover the demand. It is not surprising that people at this time are waiting for its arrival. Although there are no hints at all from the official until this day and as a result, it leads some rumors and issues spread around the media about the new design of this version. First of all, we glad to know that the 2015 Chevy Monte Carlo is coming out with new look to make it sportier than the previous model. Before, the company offered coupe and sporty design and now, the company is rumored to offer sporty look with sexy and beautiful bodywork.

Speaking about the powertrain, 2015 Chevy Monte Carlo will have injected V8 engine system that is also used by 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. Based on the rumors, this engine could be helpful in order to generate great output to attract more buyers even though there is no detailed information about the horsepower and the torque. In order to generate the output much better compared to the previous model, the company will support it with turbo system. It means the V8 engine is supported with new turbo system and it is no wonder that this car has great engine performance. It is interesting to know that the company offers it with new transmission system but it is still unclear whether it goes with six-auto transmission or eight-transmission.

With great engine system and sporty design, the car is coming out to give a fresh air for the fans. What we could do at this time is only waiting for further information. It gives no regret at all to wait its arrival since the company is quite promising to produce new great model and it is expected that sometime in 2015 or 2016 we could see the arrival of 2015 Chevy Monte Carlo.

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