New 2015 Ford F100 Pickup Diesel

Saturday, February 21st 2015. Ford

2015 Ford F1002015 Ford F100 will be the new generation to continue its carrier as the small pickup. There is a big expectation that the company will launch it for market sale. It seems that the car has similar design as its big brother, Ford F150 including the shape, technology and price. Learning from the latest concept of this truck which is Atlas, it seems that the company will create it with smaller dimension. It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will give some improvements for 2015 F100 although there is no official confirmation yet.

The Next Generation  2015 Ford F100

2015 Ford F100 will go with narrower body dimension and it seems that the company will support it with five-lug wheels that is quite different from the F-150 which used six-lug wheels. It means that there is a big sign if this new generation will go with lighter bodyweight compared to the previous model. When we look around the exhaust pipes especially for the shape, it seems that the company will support it with diesel engines to make 2015 Ford F100 as a powerful truck. In fact, the company has stopped the production of small truck last year and they want to make this truck has improved fuel economy with much better design. It is undeniable that the company back to its section now. It is quite possible to see other possibilities. What we could do at this time is only waiting while seeing about the decision from the company next year. Some affordable pickups are also the part of their plans as it has been stated by Ford marketing manager.

2015 Ford F100 The Plan For Pricing

Perhaps, it is true that the company will launch 2015 Ford F100 in the market soon. The manager has mentioned that this issue is more than just a prediction or even nothing, it could be the sign that this truck would be available. There is still a place in the market for affordable truck that has great capability and better fuel economy. This demand forces the company to complete it.

So, how about the price tag? It is predicted that 2015 Ford F100 will go with similar design as Ford 150 which means that the starting price could reach from $24,500 with no discounts. It is quite possible if this truck will be popular as affordable option especially for American market. It is also featured with high technology around the cabin with much powerful design.

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