New 2015 Ford GT40 Price and Specs

Saturday, January 31st 2015. Ford

Ford GT40 Front Angle2015 Ford GT40 will be launched as the new car that is built by Ford. It is mentioned that this car will go with futuristic design and its performance is quite muscular. It is one of the cars that you should look forward to. As we know that Ford is the popular automotive maker to create this new super sport car. Its design will be renewed to make it much more different from the current model. 2015 GT40 surely is coming out with excellent performance and its impressive look is quite futuristic.

2015 Ford GT40 Specs

2015 Ford GT40 is quite possible to go with V8 Eco Boost engine 5 liter in order to generate the power for about 420 hp. It is also possible to see GT model that is supported with V6 Eco boost engine 3.5 liter to produce 400 horsepower. Hybrid engine is also expected with supercharged V8 engine to produce 600 horsepower. The weight of hybrid goes for about 1500 kilos so that in only 3 seconds the car could hit 60 mph while 200 mph will be the top speed.

One thing that you should know about the hybrid model is the same specification as GT model. 2015 Ford GT40 is available with complete information that you could check it anytime. About GT model, there will be a nice combination of turbocharging engine and direct injection. Although the company does not provide fuel-cell technology as Honda provides, of course this car is still considered as the powerful car.

2015 Ford GT40 Futuristic Design

2015 Ford GT40 will go with few changes around its design. It is reported that the changes are available around the front wheel and also the LED headlights. Ford cars are also well known for a muscular performance. It could be the best option for you who love sports and masculine car design. Around the cabin, you could see a great design and it goes the same as the bodywork. It seems that the car will go with interesting look and of course it is one of the most anticipated cars in the future market.

For you who have a big question about the release date, we cannot tell you yet since it is still in a big mystery as well as the price tag. At this time, we have no official information yet about the release date and price. We only could recommend you to prepare your budget by saving more to purchase the new 2015 Ford GT40.

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