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Saturday, February 14th 2015. Pontiac

2015 Pontiac G6 Front AngleWe glad to know that at this time we heard 2015 Pontiac G6 will go as the finest models of cars for this year. There will be many features to complete its excellent performance and impressive fuel economy. At the first glance, perhaps this car is a bit simple for you but it is very sophisticated with the great price to offer and advanced technologies inside to make you more enjoyable but easier to drive it. In addition, 2015 Pontiac G6 is predicted to hit the market in the beginning of 2015 but there is no confirmation yet. Those all are still about the speculations.

Performance and Battery Life

The last time we have seen the version of this car was around 2009 after the company dealt with the bankruptcy. That is why it is interesting to know that now the company tries hard in order to offer it with newer, better and more stylish design in 2015 Pontiac G6. To support the performance, the company will offer four-cylinder engine 2.4 liter in order to produce the power about 164hp and the previous models were offered with some engine options such as V6 engine 3.5 liter for 219 horsepower and the convertibles had V6 engine 3.9 liter to carry 222 horsepower. It is expected that this new car has more powerful performance that is a bit similar to GXP’s with V6 engine 3.6 liter for 252 horsepower.

Of course, most of the cars from Pontiac are coming with four-speed standard auto transmission but GXP’s has boasted engine six-speed auto powertrain. As a result, the car is quite possible to have better economy. It runs about 33 miles on gallon gas and the technologies are offered through car batteries. People are expecting that 2015 Pontiac G6 has much longer battery life but with minimal maintenance.

Interior and Exterior Designs

2015 Pontiac G6 is categorized as amazing car with the impressive design around the bodywork. The design is basically very simple but truly elegant. This mid-sized car is designed for family especially for sedan version. Inside, the company will add some common accessories to follow the trend. The standard version is provided with MP3/CD player, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, power steering and much more. Other great addition are heated leather front seats and sizeable LCD display.

2015 Pontiac G6 Pricing

It is expected that the car will have the starting price tag about $20,000 and $30,000.

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