New 2015 Toyota Celica Price and Release Date

Friday, February 13th 2015. Toyota

2015 Toyota CelicaIt is hard to deny that Toyota is popular automaker that is coming with great consistency in order to provide more cars for many decades. They could impress the market with their new cars. At this time, it is mentioned that they have scheduled to release the new 2015 Toyota Celica. This car is one of the most anticipated cars to come. Buyers are coming with a lot of expectations including the reasonable price tag.

2015 Toyota Celica Specs

There is a big report that the bodywork of 2015 Celica will be redesigned in order to create gap and difference from predecessor. It is mentioned that there will be a complete upgrade for the fascia. Some minor changes are also available such as the headlights, the rear bumpers and the rocker panels. With the technological advancement, there will be many interior changes to give friendlier experience inside this car compared to the previous model.


We glad to know that Toyota has big concern on the performance of 2015 Toyota Celica through some upgrades to give much better performance than the previous model. There is a big expectation that the company will support it with four-cylinder engine to produce about 800 horsepower at least. The engine is coming with variable motor with valve timing and auto gearbox support.


2015 Toyota Celica is completed with high-performance should be more than 400 horsepower to keep it standstill among the competitors. To transmit the power, the company offers six-speed manual and automatic. It is also possible to see four wheel drive system that is equipped with safety, reliability and efficiency design.

Interior Design

To attract buyers, the company plans to upgrade the fascia and the cabin of 2015 Toyota Celica. There will be high-tech systems to complete the cabin for navigation and other functions. About the safety, the company will support it with air bags on side in order to prevent any accidental impacts. The high consideration from Toyota is about the safety and some interesting features are added such as anti-lock, management, power windows and navigation. It will also get new design especially with the new rear bumpers, new rear spoiler and durable rocker so that the car has stylish and aggressive look that is much more perfect with the combination of color scheme. It has integrated fog lamps, LCD screens, Bluetooth connectivity, 8 speaker system, keyless entry, sunshade, and power tilt moon-roof and power antenna.

2015 Toyota Celica Release Date and Price

2015 Toyota Celica should be released sometime in this year with the price tag about $20,000 to $30,000 for the starting price.

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