New 2015 Toyota Harrier Review

Saturday, February 14th 2015. Toyota

2015 Toyota Harrier2015 Toyota Harrier is coming out as the new redesigned version. It is designed as hybrid crossover SUV and it will be presented in Japan this year that is on the second December. The interior and exterior will be designed to offer sleek and brilliant look that would also gives sophistication inside and outside.

Interior and Exterior

Inside, you could find out touch-sensitive electrostatic buttons that is incorporated with arch-roofed control board for impressive cabin. This car will be available with seven exterior colors to offer but there will be three color options for the interior. Around the log cabin, there will be sound-absorbing and sound-blocking products system to boost your comfort. 2015 Toyota Harrier will also go with electric power steering, handling ability and riding comfort that will be improved to give compact feel. The company plans to shorten the exterior proportions but the cabin is still spacious enough with extra legroom about 47 mm.


2015 Toyota Harrier is mentioned to get unique large front and also quick back overhands in order to enhance its dynamic for sideways profile. It also has forward leaning quarter pillars and flat emphasized styling. As a result, the car has very smooth look to offer.


Toyota will support this new version by adding actual LED lights that are also will offer better visibility. There are also strong formed rear combo lamps with the support of gradient illumination as the option. The cabin is very modern with cushioned areas that are much more complete because the sewing accent and the lumber grain embellishment.


2015 Toyota Harrier for the performance is quite possible to go with 2.5 liter engine and gas performance about 21.8 km/L2 WITH CO2 emissions around 106 gCO2/km. This engine will have displacement about 2,493 cc and the maximum output is about 112 kW or 5,700 rpm. About the system, it generates the output for about 145 kW. It is very possible to see E-Four system that will control the front and the rear wheel slippage and it ensures the traction performance on slippery roads.

Frequency Adaptive Damping

About the suspension of 2015 Toyota Harrier, it will be improved with the presence of Frequency Adaptive Damping Shock absorbers to give effective controlling about the degree for roll and pitch to modify the cushion damping features.

2015 Toyota Harrier Price

So far, there is no latest information related to the price tag of 2015 Toyota Harrier. With those improvement and changes, surely the company will offer it with higher price tag but it should not be too far from the current model.

2015 Toyota Harrier Image Gallery

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