New 2015 VW Transporter Release Date

Saturday, February 21st 2015. Volkswagen

2015 VW Transporter2015 VW Transporter will be built by Volkswagen that is possible to be released soon with its great specification. This car will be designed with similar concept as VW Vivaro but the difference is the car has enough engine specification through its smaller body dimension compared to the Vivaro.

It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company will complete it as a new van. This car has boxy appearance that could give you advantage especially to provide large cargo in the back area. This cargo capacity could support you especially if you have a lot of things to bring for vacation or picnic. 2015 Transporter will go with two seats and there will be empty space in the middle with no seats for cargo capacity.

Interior and Exterior Design

When it comes to the cabin, 2015 VW Transporter could be a good option because you could safely put all your goods into it with no worries at all. The cargo capacity is quite big so that you even could put a bike inside the car. Around the cockpit, you could find out LCD screen that will allow you to adjust navigation option.

In addition, 2015 VW Transporter is featured with rear view camera that could open automatically right when the car move backward. It has flat bumper that is built from steel and it is covered with rubber. The car is also completed with alloy wheel base in size of 17 inches and it is from aluminum.

Engine and Performance

It is reported by some unofficial sites for the possibility of engine in 2015 VW Transporter. Based on those reports, the car could go with both electric and gasoline option. The gasoline engine is designed with three-cylinder 1.2 liter to reach the top speed for about 100 mph and to transmit the power, the company adds five-speed auto transmissions.

For the second engine, it is called an electric car because 2015 VW Transporter could be charged for more than five hours before you drive it. With this duration of charging, you could ride this car for about 102 km and it could be the perfect option for the urban city people that live around the middle of city.

2015 VW Transporter Release Date And Price

There is a strong indication that the company will release it at Germany Motor Show in the beginning of 2015. However, there is no confirmation yet from the official. It is predicted that the price tag for 2015 VW Transporter could go for about $18.950 and it will be offered with three different options from dark blue, black and white.

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