New 2016 Mazda 2 Specifications and Price

Sunday, November 23rd 2014. Mazda

2016 Mazda 22016 Mazda 2 is and in its name secondary alternative hatchback currently third and binding generation to re-design in 2015. It will be the next generation of the model will be similar to the concept car Mazda is likely to be announced in the year 2014, the Paris Exhibition for cars later this year in October from 0.4 to 19.

2016 Mazda 2 EngineAlso come directly and without optional equipment choices, and there are only sports and tourism trim levels to choose from. The new 2015 Mazda 2 will be powered by a 1.5L I4 engine SkyActiv growing about 99 hand £ 111 feet of torque. You must be transition FWD drivetrain exclusive 6-speed manual or automatic vehicles. What we want to see more options in the ranks of a small diesel engine, it would be great, but also accused the smaller turbo petrol unit can be significantly improved performance while fuel consumption has not increased significantly.

2016 Mazda 2 Exterior

2016 Mazda 2 Rear AngleAs mentioned above, Hazumi concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014 revealed the essential role model for the 2016 Mazda 2 in the next year. And will share the front end with a deflection barrier fascia, but only two will be present with a larger head lamps and fog lamps are more practical. A more realistic option will be visible in the back as well, because it would have a larger tail lights. Small rear wheel without spoiler is also a natural choice for a small car.

2016 Mazda 2 Interior

2016 Mazda 2 Dasboard

2016 Mazda 2 InteriorWill be updated and modernized the interior with new materials, and more modern, but do not expect anything fancy. Space is a problem in the 2016 Mazda 2, especially the rear seat headroom on the phone, but this is something you have to take the car because there are no offers secondary in abundance. Will the new dashboard will be similar to one of the old, at least relatively. It will come with the center console and dashboard is large enough for the type of car, but it still will not take the driver and front passenger from a lot of legroom.

As far as features are concerned, there is nothing radical needs to be done and will continue and 2015 Mazda 2 four or six-speaker audio system input, USB port and 12-volt power outlets, trip computer with a tour level and much more. You must upgrade the security system to the starting line and the warning from the front collision, and the way the braking mechanism in an emergency. With these improvements, and we are confident it will be interesting to quite a complex one for many drivers.

2016 Mazda 2 Price

Fuel efficiency with the new motion vector is likely to be enhanced and 27 mpg in the city must jump to about 30 mpg, while the 34 mpg on the road can go to the high thirties. On the other hand, the price will not go up, a win-win situation. Expect to trim sports be available from about $ 15,000, while likely to cost about $ 16,500, and tourism. It is very affordable and comparable to other entries in this sector.

2016 Mazda 2 Image Gallery

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