New 2016 Toyota Fortuner Price and Release Date

Sunday, December 14th 2014. Toyota

2016 All New Toyota FortunerToyota Motor will launch a new model of car they have not been released, in 2016 Toyota Fortuner. It will be the production of this new model of Toyota’s new global platform architecture. The platform itself will be used in the manufacture of Innova and Hilux pickup again. It comes will have a wider front light which will be more streamlined. It is said that this car also has a large footprint.

It is expected to rise to around a 17-inch 2016 Toyota Fortuner wheel size. The mirror will be manufactured from chrome. Care will be produced in the future using a special metal does not rust. It is also expected that the car has a different interior design. It will be red or black billet accents. It is also expected that the car Bluetooth technology to integrate the new touch screen, for easy use by the driver.

This new model has airbags, balance control system, rear camera and ABS for the safety of users. It also will be equipped with effective braking system, suspension system with good driving comfort.

2016 Toyota Fortuner manufactured with three types of machines. The main engine is a 3.0-liter engine. This device is capable of producing up to 168 horsepower. The second engine is a 2.7-liter engine rated at 160 HP. The third engine of this new model is the engine 2.5-liter engine which is rated at 140 HP. The device will have two types of transmission is a manual transmission and programmed movement.

Fortune 2016 will be paid 5-speed manual and automatic transmission. It will also be a four-wheel drive and two-wheeled car. It will be made available to car ladder frame structure, making it more durable and rugged reliability. Framework will also be handed over to be lighter for better performance.

The new Fortuner 2016 will have a strong, powerful lithium battery. It is said this is also the car to keep the battery for a long period of time without charge. It is said that the lithium battery be strong enough to provide enough power needed by the car.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Changes

This car undergoes some changes compared to the current model. This model will be equipped with a ladder frame structure, compared with the current model, which has a single setting. It also would have a two-slice chrome grille, larger in size at this time. It is expected that the corners are more visible and more than made up today light blocks.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Price and Release Date

The exact date when it will release the car did not specify, but estimates suggest that this 2016 Toyota Fortuner will be released for the first time in the Asian market next year. He also said that the price is almost the same as the current model. It is expected to be at the price of Rs limits 20-25 lakh of 2016 Toyota Fortuner.

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