New 2017 BMW M2 Price

Monday, June 29th 2015. BMW

2017 BMW M2 RenderingIt seems impossible if BMW does not include the new 2017 BMW M2 for their new cars in future. We think that the company would like to develop it because the fabulous concept that we have found in internet through some available pictures. Based on rumors, BMW has prepared some features and body design to release this coupe. The exterior of 2017 M2 will be very sexy to deal with some great rivals.

2017 BMW M2 Price

What we need right now is more patience because the company would not announce the price tag right now. They need to develop the car first, produce it and wait about their rivals’ price tag so that the cost would be competitive and not too far from others. 2017 BMW M2 is rumored to offer the price tag for about $60,000 for the base version.


BMW is preparing a great engine in order to offer powerful performance for their loyal fans. Based on rumors, the company would like to offer six-cylinder engine with 3.0 liter in order to satisfy buyers with the fantastic output which is about 400 horsepower in 2017 BMW M2. To achieve this output, this coupe will receive six-speed manual transmission so that the car is very fast at the performance.


2017 BMW M2 based on some photos spreading around the interne, we found that the car has sporty yet sexy look. It happens because the bodyline is designed with elegant style to give sportier look than before. It is more complete because the company supports it with the sporty front light while the front bumper is built with aggressive design. This concept design is quite helpful to amaze buyers at the very first sight. The lightweight design is also could be easily achieved because the support of light materials.


Next is about the inner part of 2017 BMW M2 that is quite comfortable with some nice elements around it. Although the company still gives no hints at all about its release date, we think that the design will be very cozy in this new edition. As other new coupes, the high-quality materials will complete the seat cover to give higher level of comfort while neat and sporty design will be the main theme for BMW to be added in its cabin. It sounds more perfect when BMW predicted to give more innovative features inside the car.

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