New 2017 Ford Expedition Redesign

Wednesday, February 11th 2015. Ford

New 2017  Ford ExpeditionAs the new generation of Ford Expedition, 2017 Ford Expedition is ready to launch soon. It is designed with breathtaking style to make the car much more stylish than before. The company will design the car with more features around the exterior and interior. About the engine, it is very possible to see 2017 Expedition with specific enhancements that is provided by SUV Ford automaker. We expect that the company will offer more engine options to cover the demand.

2017 Ford Expedition Interior and Exterior Design

As a large sized SUV, 2017 Ford Expedition is designed with three seat rows and it is perfect option for big family. The cabin could support for about 8 people. Once you purchased this car, there will be no problem at all to deal with the space since this big SUV has spacious cabin with comfortable seats. In order to offer a higher level of comfort, the company considers redesigning the front area for more aggressive and modern design.

About the total weight of 2017 Ford Expedition, it is reported that the company has big ambition to reduce it because their prior is about giving powerful performance. With the weight reduction, it is expected that they could achieve about 200 to 300 lbs and the most prior is about reducing the weight around the bumper. The car is also supported with new look because the presence of the chrome materials around the headlights and the grille. There will be 22 inches of round wheels to feature this car and it will be offered with automatic doors to open for more futuristic style.

Engine Specifications and the Options

For the specification of engine, 2017 Ford Expedition is possible to go with direct injection EcoBoost system 3.5 liter that is combined with twin turbo V6 engine. This specification is expected to help the car to produce the power about 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. For the drive system, it goes with rear-wheel drive and the power will be transmitted to six-speed auto so you could easily drive this car. It is claimed that this car will be the one of the best option for long ride.

Fuel-Saving Consumption

It is quite possible to say that 2017 Ford Expedition has more economical engine performance especially for the fuel consumption. From the rating of mileage test, we gladly inform you that the car has 16/23 mpg on city/highway of performance. The AWD variant could go about 15 mpg for city and 21 mpg for highways.

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