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Wednesday, April 8th 2015. Honda

2017 Honda CRVIt is hard to deny that at this time all popular automaker around the world are facing the tight competition on the market and it happens to Honda too. At this moment, the company is quite possible to release one of the best selling cars from their factory that is 2017 Honda CRV. This is a crossover with the great design and Honda has big concern to keep its existence. It is built for American market but recently the battle is getting hot between Japanese and German carmakers. That is the biggest reason why Honda considers refreshing 2017 CRV. Of course, we expect something more in this model with the new design and features.


Although there is no detailed information yet from the official, we still have more time in order to wait and see its arrival that should be sometime in 2016. There will be a big overhaul around the engine and performance of 2017 Honda CRV and practically the engine for European and American market will be different. For Europe, the car will be supported with diesel engine 1.6 liter through front-wheel drive while for North America, it goes with turbocharged unit. The rumors mentioned that the engine modifications will be the main prior for the company.

2017 Honda CRV for the big refresh is the presence of three-cylinder engine that is quite popular with the bigger demand among the crossover fans. In another word, if this comes true it means that the company will support it with VTEC turbocharged engine 1.5 liter to produce for about 200 horses as the output. It sounds interesting when we heard that the company will design the engine to make it more excellent especially for the fuel consumption. We glad to know that there is a big possibility if 2017 CRV will be designed with the improved or new engine.

2017 Honda CRV Competition and Release Date

2017 Honda CRV for the major competition is from the new VW Tiguan and the Ford Escape. As we know that Honda and Ford always have a strong competition almost in many segments but their prior is about the SUV model. At this time, there is no expectation yet about the release date of this new car unless before 2016. For any delay, it is possible to be released for 2018 model year with more innovation and features to offer.

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