New Audi S5 2016 Redesign and Release Date

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015. Audi

New Audi S5 FrontIt sounds interesting when all reliable sources start giving their prediction about the newest premium sedan car, Audi S5 2016 to start the competition soon in the market. This car is quite popular as one of the signatures from Audi. Lately, the car is rumored to come with renewed design.

Of course, it is hard to deny that this new generation is produced by Audi to complete the demand about the premium sedan car that is quite huge. The sedan market is getting more competitive. What the company does to redesign and refresh its look is the best solution. Some rumors said that the S5 2016 will offer great updates to make it more acceptable in the market than before.

Audi S5 2016 Redesign


It sounds more interesting when the company also give some changes around the bodywork too. It is another focus for the company to enhance its exterior in massive way. We could say that this new Audi S5 2016 will be enhanced to achieve more stylish look. The second advantage is on how the car has better aerodynamic than before through those enhancements. Some aspects are ready to offer such as the grille, the front bumper, the headlights and also the rear lamps with redesigned design. It is not surprising if this car has a more modern look.


There is also a strong prediction about the enhancement around the cabin. It is rumored that the company will enhance the car with more stylish and modern design without leaving its icon as the premium car. The changes are quite promising to make Audi S5 2016 has much more perfect look than before. It is more complete because some great features for entertainment will be updated by Audi.


Well, up to now we do not find out any confirmation yet from the official for the engine specification. It is still unclear about what type of engine that will be used to support its performance. We only could find out some rumors that the company will enhance the engine performance too. It means that there is a big indication that the company will offer Audi S5 2016 with great engine which is V7 3.0 liter. This engine is quite enough to complete the hood because it is estimated to produce the output for about 345 horsepower and also 325 lb-ft of torque.

Release Date and Price

It is still unknown for the official release date in Audi S5 2016. It is only rumored that the car will be ready to launch sometime in 2015 with the price tag that should be about $60,000.

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