New Audi SQ5 2016 Changes, Price and Release Date

Thursday, March 19th 2015. Audi

New Audi SQ5When we found a lot of rumors related Audi SQ5 2016 that are getting louder all the time, we cannot neglect it. We have a big curiosity to know more about its new look through some changes and improvements based on the rumors since the company gives no confirmation yet. It will be one of the newest products from Audi that will be the best weapon to deal with the tight battle among other luxurious SUV cars.

Audi SQ5 2016 will continue its previous model that is quite popular with the great design and performance to offer. Since it is not a new comer for the global market, we think that the company will make it more special so it could standstill among other rivals. It sounds interesting when we heard the massive changes to keep its dominance on the market.

Audi SQ5 2016 Changes


It is mentioned by some rumors that the engine will be great for this new edition in order to produce great performance. Rumors said that the Audi SQ5 2016 will be available with V6 turbo engine 3.0 liter to produce for more than 343 horsepower although there is no confirmation from Audi. What we could do at this time is only waiting whether the rumor is false or not.


If the engine is a bit hard to predict, the case is quite different for the exterior. The outer look has been showed through some rendered pictures from some unofficial sites. Those pictures showed the new look of Audi SQ5 2016 with the support of newest body platform from Audi which is called MLB-Evo architecture for lighter bodyweight than the previous model.

With the use of this body platform, the bodywork is more modern and dynamic than before. It is also improved with the redesigned grille, headlights and rear lamps for the futuristic style.


With the new body platform, it is more than just affecting the bodywork but the cabin too. This new platform helps a lot to give spacious cabin with more conventional design to drive. Overall, the cabin is coming out for Audi SQ5 2016 with more modern and stylish because some redesigns. The car has more perfect look with some new features to make it more futuristic.

Release Date and Price

There is a big indication that this new edition is coming out for the market at the second half of 2016 with the rumored price tag about $40,000 for SQ5 2016.

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