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Friday, February 13th 2015. Opel

Opel Ampera 2015 Front AngleAs the second generation, Opel Ampera 2015 is ready to launch but it has other name. For England, the car is called Vauxhall Ampera. This car is quite cheaper compared to the Opel Corsa and Astra but for sure you will not regret to purchase it because the cabin is much more modern and it goes the same as the exterior.

About the size of this new Ampera 2015, the company will provide similar dimension as Opel Astra but this car has stylish design to offer. It is said that the company will prepare it as limited edition with the amount of unit to produce about 1000 units. Some information about its features is available but it is still not confirmed by the company yet.

Opel Ampera 2015 has similar body language to Opel Astra but when we speak about the characteristic, this car has much more boxy look. At the front, the lamp is completed with body design that is supported by LED system as its main feature. For the tail lamp, the company will design it with oval pattern. Speaking about the rear bumper, it is mentioned by some reliable sources that the company has big ambition in order to offer quite high rear bumper but the front bumper is low.

For the wheelbase, it is also reported that there will be 17 inches of alloy wheels in Opel Ampera 2015. The company will complete the cabin with four comfortable seats that are wrapped with high quality fiber. Around the cockpit, there will be LCD screen that is very adjustable that will provide you information related to the climate control, MP3 player, weather information, time and also Bluetooth connectivity.

The Engine and Performance of Opel Ampera 2015

Opel Ampera 2015 is one of smart cars that will be ready for future with two engines to offer such as petrol and also electric car. 3 pin sockets are added in this car and it allows people to change the place for battery charging. The engine that is used by this car is Voltec E-FLEX electric engine while for petrol type, it could generate the output about 150 horsepower with 370 rpm of torque. In 7 seconds, the car could do the acceleration with 114 mph as the top speed. For the standard emission, it goes with Euro 5.

The Release Date and Price of Opel Ampera 2015

Speaking about the release date, it is mentioned that the car will be released in the beginning of February in United Kingdom. There will be three colors to offer such as Gray, Black and White. The price could be about $27,000 and it should be charged in 6 hours to run more than 40 mils in highway for Opel Ampera 2015.

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