New Opel Insignia 2015 Review, Price and Release Date

Thursday, February 5th 2015. Opel

Opel Insignia 2015Opel Insignia 2015 will be released in this year by Opel. This car is known well as an awesome city ride that could complete your needs to enjoy remarkable city ride. We have heard some reports from reliable sites that the company will offer it at Frankfurt Motor Show. It will be the latest edition since the predecessor was produced around 2007. We think it is the right time for the company to launch Insignia 2015. For European market, it is called Opel but for China and United States, it is quite popular as the Buick Regal. Of course, the engine will be different for those markets.

Interior and Exterior

It is nice to know that the company will offer Opel Insignia 2015 with many changes for both its exterior and interior. For its whole body, it is completed with chrome aluminum and the wheel base has 18 inches of alloy wheel made of Chrome. About the rear bumper, the company will redesign it so it is a bit high and the front is lowered. Inside, the car could provide you seven comfortable seats and it supports passengers for about 9 people. Around the cockpit, you could find out LCD screen to control Bluetooth, MP3 player, climate control and much more for the new Opel Insignia 2015.

Engine and Performance

There will be three engine options available to complete the huge demand in the market. The first is Turbo EcoTec engine 1.6 liter to produce the output about 170 horsepower and also 3,200 rpm. Speaking about the transmission, Opel Insignia 2015 will be paired with 6-speed automatic. About its top speed, the car could reach 112 mph while the second engine is Turbo EcoTec engine 2.0 liter to produce 250 horsepower and 2,500 rpm of torque. It will use 6-speed auto transmission through AWD drive system.

The Release Date and Price of Opel Insignia 2015

For 1.6 Turbo engine variant, you need to spend about $17,000 and for Turbo AWD version 2.0 liter, you need $23,490. This new Opel Insignia 2015 of course is quite cheap with luxury interior to offer. Even though the engine specification is a bit low, but the car works well to support urban city people. There will be three color options to fit your personal taste from black, red to white. It means that the company wants to make it much more different from the first generation that only offered white color.

Opel Insignia 2015 Image Gallery

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