New Seat Ibiza 2015 Review

Saturday, February 14th 2015. Seat

Seat Ibiza 2015There is a big report that the new Seat Ibiza 2015 is a bit similar to the new VW Polo and both will be built in the same company in Spain. Both of the cars will share the same chassis but surely there will be differences to be presented. It is mentioned by some reliable sites that Ibiza will get optimized suspension to complete its sporty handling that is slightly firmer to ride compared to VW. We glad to know that Ibiza 2015 is coming out with major facelift and it is spearheaded by Seat Leon brand that is quite popular today for renovation.

Seat Ibiza 2015 Engine and Price Review

For its performance, the company also will share the engine to VW but still few differences are presented. It is informed that Ibiza comes in Estate model but it has larger boot compared to the standard five-door hatch and the three-door model is coming as a coupe. The TDI engine 2.0 liter is available in range that is quite different from Polo which goes with TDI engine 1.6 liter. The price is also significantly undercut to the Volkswagen sister model so that it gives very good value.

We also have heard that the new version of Seat Ibiza 2015 will start for its sales in UK including the E version to the best selling SE version, the fuel efficient Ecomotive model and even the top spec of sporty FR version. There will be 1.2, 1.4 1.6 and 2.0 liter engine. All that you have to do is about choosing which model to cover your needs for best deals among Seat Ibiza 2015.

For you who are seeking for the lowest model for Seat Ibiza 2015 in UK market, we recommend you to find out the trusted dealers in order to get massive levels of discount to save your budget. Moreover, price comparison is important that you should do before purchasing this car. Because huge demand of discounts and deals about this car as a small hatchback, it could be your perfect option. It is estimated that the price range is quite possible about 14,000 euros. Well, it is still unknown when the company will launch it. Those information are also have not confirmed by the official. It means that we need to wait more in order to find out more detailed information especially for the price tag. What we could recommend to you at this time is about saving your budget.

Seat Ibiza 2015 Image Gallery

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