Spy Shots 2017 Audi A4 Release Date

Tuesday, May 19th 2015. Audi

Spy Shots 2017 Audi A4 SideOne of the concept cars that are still under the development from Audi is 2017 Audi A4. At this moment, we found no reliable information yet about this car especially the changes and specifications but it does not mean that Audi will not give their best attempt for its redesign and enhancement. It is possible to see the primary changes and redesign especially for the body design, cabin and engine of 2017 A4.

2017 Audi A4 Engine

There is no clear information yet from Audi about the engine that be used to support the new 2017 Audi A4. After collecting some information, it is possible that the company will use the same engine as the current model that means using supercharger V6 engine 3.0 liter that is expected to produce higher output because the improvement so that the engine is possible to have increased performance. It is also rumored to go with TDI engine 2.0 liter which is new.

2017 Audi A4 Exterior

This upcoming generation is ready to have astonishing look because some improvements around the body design to make it more attractive although the changes are quite minor for 2017 Audi A4. At this time, we expect that the company will support it with curvy but sleeker design compared to the predecessor. This way will be quite effective to increase the aerodynamic feature. With the larger body dimension, it is automatically has larger and more comfortable cabin.

2017 Audi A4 Interior

The larger body architecture will give more space inside. This way will be the beginning in order to achieve their goal to give more relaxing yet comfortable cabin in 2017 Audi A4. In addition, it also has new leather upholstery to give maximum comfort for both driver and passenger so that the car is more luxurious than before. Around the cockpit, you can find out the simple design to support you enjoying the easier control and navigation system in this new edition. It would be more complete if Audi would like to upgrade the features.

2017 Audi A4 Release Date and Price

Although those rumors and speculations are available, it is still hard to know about the release date of 2017 Audi A4. We only could expect that it will be launched sometime in 2017. Since it is designed with the high quality design, we think that it is normal if Audi will offer it with more expensive price tag compared to the previous model although it would not go too far than that.

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